(Fri, 08/28/2015 – 01:54 — Dawn and Dusk)

The sunlight slowly began to fade,

It’s silent whispers hissed, “Don’t be afraid.”

It disappeared from empty streets,

as little children hid under sheets.

Darkness filled the broken ones,

along with the hurting, falling sons,

It didn’t bother the blind at all

for the war was just another call.

The trees began to violently shake,

as the love for earth was soon to break,

fire burning through the names,

erasing people with its flames.

No more lies and broken dreams,

the mourning ripples in the streams,

light will come and then they’ll see,

the ruins of our life to be. 

The broken world we have become,

beating like a broken drum.

emptiness is all we’ll know,

when we all decide to let go.

This poem is about:
Our world


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